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Andal Aghoram

Andal Aghoram's passion for literature and language is only overshadowed by her love for teaching. With a Masters in Literature and Education and over three decades of experience as a teacher, mother and grandmother she is perfectly placed to mould the next generation of thinkers and achievers. Aghoram believes that each child is uniquely equipped to learn and discover the world around them and it is this belief that has led to the creation of Veranda.

She is insistent that children should grow naturally like trees, without any fear or inhibitions. This quality of fearlessness will help them voice their thoughts freely and grow confidently. She plans to inculcate this quality of accepting challenges as opportunities in every child who comes under her care.

Mahalakshmi Ganesh

Mahalakshmi Ganesh knows the challenges of raising a child in today's world with all its technological and competing distractions. She strongly advocates blending time-tested and modern innovative methods of teaching to find the right middle ground that fits each individual child. This MSc mathematics graduate personally combines her love for eco-friendly materials, outdoor play and a clear understanding of essential concepts to teach her two boisterous sons and many nieces and nephews. Ganesh also stresses on the importance of inculcating an understanding of our culture and history as part of everyday play.

Meenakshi Suresh

With thirty years in a joint family and two grownup children, Meenakshi Suresh considers herself a mother first. Her Master's degree aside, her natural ability to connect with people genuinely has helped her raise enough funds to educate over 150 children at the NGO she co-founded. Suresh is the most popular aunt in a family with nine children, who is known for never saying 'no' to any of them. She is however uncompromising when it comes to child safety and security. Calling herself a 40 year old child, her positive attitude and genuine love to be with children has led to the creation of 'Veranda'.

"Children should grow naturally like trees, without any fear or inhibitions. This quality of fearlessness will help them voice their thoughts freely and grow confidently"

Andal Aghoram


Teaching Staff / Executive Team

Heena Sultana

Lead Teacher

Heena Sultana has worked as a nursery teacher for the past two years. She has excellent communication skills, passion for teaching and is a motivated and enthusiastic educator with a strong desire to foster a cohesive student learning atmosphere. She specialises in managing students effectively and maximizing learning opportunities in an innovative manner. She takes her responsibility of shaping up the lives of young ones very seriously. Her love for children has been one of the most motivating factors for choosing this profession.

Janishia Thomas

Lead Teacher

Janishia Thomas is a graduate in English Literature and also a graduate in French Language from Alliance Francais. She is a very passionate and a caring teacher with good experience and communicative skills. She is a creative and organised person. Her pleasant disposition and the ability to build a rapport quickly makes the kids comfortable and easy to connect with her. Janishia provides a loving and safe ambience for the kids to learn and grow. She believes in connecting with the children individually as it is important at early childhood years. Her love for children paved a way for her to choose this teaching profession. Janishia is also interested in learning new languages.

Sai Prabha Subeesh

Lead Teacher

SaiPrabha Subheesh has worked with Kindergarten children for six years in a renowned mainstream school and has a passion for education and an unwavering commitment to optimizing student and school success. She loves being with young children and rejuvenates herself by exploring the world anew with them. She creates a lively, fun, communicative, stimulating and safe classroom environment conducive to teaching and learning. She is committed to making a difference in young children’s lives by encouraging their physical, mental, social and emotional growth and inculcating good values and manners.

Jhuma Sarkar

Lead Teacher

Jhuma Sarkar has done her graduation in English Literature from Calcutta University. She has worked as an Early Childhood Educator for the past six years. Her love for kids brought her into this profession. She believes that providing a safe, clean, healthy and a child friendly environment is very important for the development of a child. Inculcating self regulation and good manners are also very important.

Sandhya Surendar

Lead Teacher

Sandhya Surendar comes with an experience and background of teaching at the kindergarten level for over nine years now. She has an immense drive and desire to make a real difference in the lives of young children with her patience and dedication. She believes in the importance of building a strong foundation for the children .She maintains a high level of discipline and patience coupled with love and compassion for children which reflects in her teaching. Her other hobbies include cooking, reading article's, art and crafts, and watching movies. She aims to live by our beloved Abdul Kalam's quote as a teacher “Teaching is a very noble profession that shapes the character, calibre and future of an individual. If the people remember me as a good teacher, that will be the biggest honour for me".

Bindu Balakrishnan

Lead Teacher

Bindu Balakrishnan has over a decade of experience in moulding young minds. Having worked in different geographical locations she has handled various programmes of kindergarten education. She endeavours to create an environment for the child that augments as a home away from home. Her natural affinity for tiny tots enables her to earnestly enjoy the time spent amidst them. Their innocent actions brighten up her day. She dovetails her passion for singing in her classroom activities.


Junior Teacher

Hifla, a food science graduate has always wanted to take up teaching as her profession and especially for the nursery children. This is because she personally believes that children tend to carry forward those small and minute things which they learn at a very early stage. She also feels that being understanding and friendly is the only way to teach kids the right things which will definitely help them come out with flying colours. She has a gentle and a calm way of handling children which helps them feel safe and happy.


Junior Teacher

Maheswari loves being with kids and she strongly believes school is their second home. Though she is an Engineering graduate her passion towards moulding our younger generation made her move from her IT job to academics. She has been a full-time volunteer in an International School and has got trained on how to engage children effectively. She also has one year of kindergarten faculty experience. Through multiple workshops that she had participated, she has learnt how to increase the interests & involvement of kids even with some simple objects. Yoga has been a recent topic of interest for her and is currently focusing on framing a customized curriculum for kids.


Junior Teacher

Sri Devi is a graduate in engineering and also holds a post graduation degree in MBA. She is a dedicated and responsible teacher, who loves to motivate and encourage children upon their abilities and interests. She also creates a magical bond with the kids. She gets along with children and helps them to understand their inner talent. She is also a mother who knows how to deal with kids, pacify and control them. She enjoys being with the kids and teaching them. She believes learning and development are optimised when a child is secure and comfortable.


Junior Teacher

Roobini is an MBA graduate from Loyola and she has 2 years of experience as a Nursery teacher. Her passion for teaching and her love for children have brought her into this profession. She has the ability to develop good rapport with the children by providing them with safe, lively and fun filled environment. Her enthusiastic and friendly nature makes the children to get along with her easily. She always wants to take the responsibility of shaping the lives of young ones and guide them in the right direction.


Junior Teacher

Riya is a Mba graduate from Loyola and has two years of experience as a nursery teacher. She is passionate about teaching and wants to provide a safe and healthy environment for the kids to live, learn and grow. She creates a fun and lively ambience for the kids to learn and develop good habits in their routine. She is enthusiastic and friendly which makes children comfortable around Riya. Her love for children has drawn her towards this profession.

Vishnu Priya

Art Teacher

Vishnu Priya is passionate about providing quality early childhood care and education. Her love for learning and passion for creative arts are her strengths. With her humour and attention for kids, she can provide a safe, happy and a fun educational environment. She values the uniqueness of talents and will provide learning opportunities and care which will meet the individual children’s needs.

Preethi Pichappan

Front Office Executive

Preethi has done her graduation in English and communication skills besides continues her passion towards art since childhood by being an entrepreneur. She reflects a varied personality including her thoughtfulness. She is a well determined individual, yet pleasantly calm. She is always motivated by her love for learning when it comes to work. Working in close coordination with all the executives, she had proven to be indispensable in organizing and supporting the team along with various administrative tasks that will facilitate the growth of Veranda.

Rajana Mahesh

Accounts Executive

Rajana is a graduate in Mathematics and a student of NIIT with 4 years of experience in Finance. She is a self-driven, motivated women who takes up responsibilities with utmost enthusiasm. She would like to see her as an entrepreneur and have an immaculate zeal towards learning and accepting newer ways of implementing things.

Gayathri Selvakumar

Office Assistant

Gayathri, is a graduate in Computer Application who is very passionate about her career. She is a sincere & dedicated worker who learns quickly and undertakes any task with zeal and enthusiasm. She achieves her goal effectively and efficiently.


Office Assistant

Roopavathy being the youngest of all is very energetic and sincere at her work. She is very optimistic in nature. She not only helps in office works but she also held’s a hand to art works. She is a very creative person with lot of new ideas and she also helps to complete the work at ease.