Summer Holiday Fun With Toddlers

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We are well into the summer holidays and after the first few weeks of euphoria and no timetables, it may get a bit challenging to come up with new ideas to engage your little ones. Well, fret not, we at Veranda are always on the job, summer or not, and here we share a few of our time-tested toddler activities that will prove to be great fun for you and your precious little ones.

Before we jump into the activities, here are a few general pointers to make your summer a bit more relaxed:

  • Spend a few minutes every night to plan your next day.
  • Plan some interesting sensorial activity with your child at least once a week.
  • There are loads of activities available on the net. Spend a while browsing and get the material necessary for the ones you like.

Now, let’s jump right into our favourite summer ideas for toddlers and their parents. We promise that all of these are easy to do and fairly non-messy with minimal clean up.

Idea 1: Monster Play 

  1. Take a one liter ziplock bag. Use a black permanent marker and draw monster faces on them.
  2. Pour hair gel into the bag.
  3. Add a few googly eyes into the bag and seal the bag with transparent tape.
  4. Now hand over the monster bag to your toddler.

Your toddler will have hours of fun trying to fix the monster eyes on the monster face.

Check out websites like this ONE for more ideas. Remember, always use non-toxic materials with toddlers around.

Idea 2: Find ‘IT’ Fun

  1. Take your toddler on a long drive or to a park for at least an hour  OR take them along with you when you go shopping.
  2. Call out the names of various things you see and ask them to find ‘it’.
  3. Maybe visit a farm, if possible. The opportunities are endless.
Veranda Preschool Farm Visit at School for Toddlers: Summer Fun Ideas
Veranda Preschool Farm Visit at School for Toddlers: Summer Fun Ideas

Idea 3: Visit a zoo

You can even create a zoo at home with soft toys and go on a ‘Safari’ to spot wild animals!

This activity instills observation skills in toddlers.

Idea 4: Family Rituals

  1. Start a summer family ritual. These can be followed every year and create great memories for children.
  2. It can be anything like cooking dinner together, watching a movie or tv show or playing a small board game.
Baking With Toddlers at Veranda Preschool Chennai : Life Skills: Summer Fun
Baking With Toddlers at Veranda Preschool Chennai : Life Skills: Summer Fun

Whichever activity you choose, make sure your toddler is involved and do it regularly, so they can figure out their role in it.  Such activities increase family bonding and love.

Idea 5: Gardening 

  1. If you have a small garden, balcony or Veranda (!) potter around in it with your toddler.
  2. Buy a small pot and grow a small flower plant together. Motivate your child to water it everyday.

This activity will instill discipline and teach them the beauty of life. Check out our Instagram page or Facebook page for ideas on how we garden with our little ones at Veranda preschool.

Veranda Preschool Gardening with Toddlers_Summer Fun
Veranda Preschool Gardening with Toddlers_Summer Fun


Idea 6: Around The House

  1. Ask your child for help with small household work.
  2. Assign a simple task such as dusting the furniture.
  3. Ask them to set the table before a meal (using unbreakable cutlery and crockery, such as stainless steel).

Get them to do the same tasks regularly. They will enjoy the sense of responsibility and will learn to pitch in when there is work.

Idea 7: The Joy of Giving

  1. Take your toddler to an orphanage or old age home to develop empathy for the underprivileged.
  2. If possible, take along some snacks or toys that they can distribute and share.

Idea 8: Only Fun Time

Finally, have a pure ,unadulterated fun no rules time everyday. Running around, rolling on the floor and or splashing about in a paddling pool are activities that fit such a time perfectly. Maybe even have a water gun fight or art session?!

Painting with Daddy_Toddler Summer Fun at Veranda Preschool Chennai
Painting with Daddy_Toddler Summer Fun at Veranda Preschool Chennai

All this may look like a lot of effort but trust us, you and your family will enjoy every moment of this and it will have a long term, positive impact on your child. The big bonus, you will be  creating beautiful memories and family traditions for your toddler to cherish, as they grow.

Have a great summer and we’ll see you all in June.

The Veranda Team

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