The Secret Toddler Activity That’s As Important As Food And Sleep

To watch a snail, make its slow progress across the lawn, or dance along with a butterfly as it flits from flower to flower, are some of the true joys of childhood. 

The importance of outdoor play can never be exaggerated. It is as important to a child’s development as food and sleep are for growing. A child grows to his or her full potential physically, psychologically, mentally and socially only when exposed to good outdoor play, both as an infant and a toddler.

Instinctive activities such as climbing a tree or jungle gym, running after a dragonfly or balloon, and kicking a ball or throwing one, build strong gross motor skills. 

Simple physical games also teach children to play as a group without pushing or hurting one another. They understand the need to wait for their turn while playing, hence building basic social skills.

Till they enter playschool, children only play alongside other children. It is only from the age of two that they slowly learn to play with their peers. Giving them access to a large play area, in contrast to restricting them within four walls, let’s them enjoy being with other children without needing to push and pull for space.

Open air, sunlight and greenery are most vital for the healthy growth of children. The use of spades, buckets and shovels help to develop their fine motor skills. The opportunity to breathe clean fresh air rich in oxygen in the middle of the city, while connecting with nature, is a gift Veranda gives all its children.

With a 10,000 sft. mini park on the premises which includes a carefully maintained sandpit and a toddler play area; along with lots of cool green grass, well-groomed, leafy trees and beautiful flowering shrubs, we truly practice what we preach. At Veranda, we sincerely believe in taking the time to smell the flowers, particularly when we have almost a 1,000 varieties of flora to choose from.

So, the next time you have a toddler who doesn’t want to eat or sleep, try taking him or her out for a stroll, or even a picnic, under blue skies and a green canopy. You may surprise your child and yourself with the difference smelling a flower can make.

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