How to Get Toddlers to Eat

Andal Aghoram shares how the Veranda team get all their toddlers to enjoy mealtimes.

Feeding toddlers is one experience that every mother has a different story on. The only common thread being, getting your child to eat the right foods, and having them appreciate a variety of foods, is not easy.

Toddlers eat only when hungry and stop eating when they are full.

Happy Mealtimes at Veranda – All our 2 year olds munching away

Toddlers are very intelligent and intuitive. So, the first point we need to remember as parents is, not to push them to eat and make mealtimes a stressful affair in their impressionable minds. Another smart move is not to give them snacks before mealtime.

The first few times toddlers will not eat what is served to them. What we require is patience and the understanding that this is natural and expected.

At Veranda, we face the same situation with most of our toddlers not touching the food on the first few days or just playing with it. Since little children love routine, as it gives them a sense of security, we just continue serving interesting foods at the same time every day.

Within a few weeks our children begin began to look forward to break-time. Most of them began to

explore and taste the food served to them. Obviously, we have the added advantage of having other toddlers for company.

Getting your toddler to eat at home

At home, you can focus on having a cheerful atmosphere during mealtimes with lots of laughter and fun. Gradually, your toddler will associate good times with food and he or she will develop a healthy attitude towards eating.

Another important point to remember is that young children may eat very well on some days and may not touch their food on other days. It is just the way they are. All we have to do, is remove their plates without any fuss or anger and try again the next day without any fuss or anger.

The most important rule is that, during mealtimes children should neither be scolded nor excessively pampered. Preparing special meals for them and offering bribes if they eat must be avoided at all cost. The same food served for the family should be served for them but with less spice, as spicy food is bad for their gentle stomachs.

If your child eats well just say something simple like ‘good job ‘and if they don’t eat just remove their plates and put it away without any fuss. With patience and perseverance, they will begin to eat and enjoy mealtimes.

Mealtimes the Veranda way

We at Veranda, tackle this aspect of child development early on with our specially created, in-house

A typical toddler meal at Veranda – orange segments, savoury dumplings and chutney

meals prepared every day. Made with locally sourced, fresh ingredients and cooked in our very own kitchen, our mealtimes are fun and varied.

Rest assured your little ones will learn to eat and enjoy a range of healthy foods at Veranda preschool. While, we always keep in mind any specific food allergies or intolerance communicated by parents, we ensure that all our children learn to appreciate the bounties of nature, through being gradually exposed to a variety of flavours.

The best part, all our babies are encouraged to, and actually love, eating on their own. No distractions, just focusing on their food and enjoying the textures and flavours. Oh! and before we forget, this exercise obviously strengthens their coordination and motor skills.

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